Media Creation C (Creation×Science・Society)

As we enter a post-pandemic world, we are being urged to rethink the systems (including science) and the anthropocentric values that have formed the foundation of our modern world. At the same time, science and technology confront us with philosophical and ethical questions such as, what is life?”, “what is a human?” and “what is reality. It is also believed that we are now in the “Anthropocene,” a geological era that represents the irreversible impact we have had on the global environment. In this context, what kind of relationship can media art have with science, technology and society?
Currently, media art is actively collaborating with various disciplines such as geology, archaeology, anthropology, and ethnography, in addition to cutting edge fields such as computer science (AI), space science and the life sciences. In this class, we will examine the impact of science and new technologies on the aesthetics of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Specifically, Castro will be covering the life sciences and Shikata will be covering the fields of natural science and humanities in relation to media art. Castro focuses on the origin(s) of life, the border between life and nonlife, wet artificial life, and alien life, as well as the fields of chemistry, biology, synthetic biology and astrobiology, while Shikata deals with aspects of AI, ecology, anthropology, archaeology, ethnography, gender studies, and indigenous studies.


Juan Manuel Castro , Shikata Yukiko

Course Plan/Overview

Class 1 10/3(Monday)Guidance (Shikata、Castro)
Class 2 10/6(Thursday)Biotechnology and Art 1 (Castro)
Class 3 10/11(Tuesday): Biotechnology and Art 2(Castro)
Class 4 10/14(Friday): AI and Art (Shikata)
Class 5 10/17(Monday): Ecosystems and Art (Shikata)
Class 6 10/20(Thursday): Geology/Archaeology and Art (Shikata)
Class 7 10/24(Monday): Biotechnology and Art 3(Castro)
Class 8 10/27(Thursday): Biotechnology and Art 4(Castro)
Class 9 11/2(Wednesday): Anthropology/Ethnography and Art(Shikata)
Class 10 11/7(Monday): Gender, Indigenous Studies and Art (Shikata)
Class 11 11/10(Thursday): Life-like Technologies and Art (Castro)
Class 12 11/17(Thursday): Material Agency (Castro)
Class 13 11/21(Monday): Space×Life×Art 1(Castro)
Class 14 11/24(Thursday): Space×Life×Art 2(Castro)
Class 15 11/28(Monday): Discussion(Shikata、Castro)

Castro’s classes are generally taught in English but may be conducted in Japanese as needed

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

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