Media Creation B (Creation×Body・Environment)

The expression called “Media Art” that emerged in the early 1990s can be seen as a movement that deviates from the existing frame of reference in its very nature, by quickly incorporating updates in information technology, crossing various domains, and inventing new media, in addition to communicating with old and new media in unprecedented ways. In the present day and age, where communication is represented by social media, natural disasters, environmental and energy issues, and the excessive dependence on media-based spectacles and events, it is necessary to reexamine the meaning and potential of media expression. This will also simultaneously include a reexamination of relations between human existence and the world. In each class, the faculty member in charge will present a case study on the topic of their own research and will analyze and discuss the issues. In addition, opportunities for dialogue will be set up by the 3 teachers, to stimulate problem sharing and mutual inspiration.

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Course Plan/Overview

Class 1: (12/1 All Professors) Introduction
Class 2: (12/6 Akamatsu) The Historical Evolution of Mobility
Class 3: (12/7 Kobayashi) Media Body Theory
Class 4: (12/8 Maebayashi) Media and Perception​​
Class 5: (12/13 Akamatsu) Mobilities Societal Strategy
Class 6: (12/14 Kobayashi) AI Body Theory
Class 7: (12/15 Maebayashi) Sense Created by Technology
Class 8: (1/10 Akamatsu) Cognitive Transformation of Reality
Class 9: (1/11 Kobayashi) Media Hauntology
Class 10: (1/12 Maebayashi) Place/Sense/Media (1)
Class 11: (1/17 Akamatsu) The Physical Turn of Reality
Class 12: (1/18 Kobayashi) Avatar of Philosophy
Class 13: (1/19 Maebayashi) Place/Sense/Media (2)
Class 14-15: (1/24 All Professors) Summary

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