Media Creation D (Design×Information・Media)

In order to achieve a better understanding and production of Media Creation, it is essential to gain insight into the question, “How might we design media that people want to engage with continuously?”

An excellent reference, or lens to view this is Service Design. Established in the 21st century, service design is a relatively new design discipline. As this developing process aims to understand and realize a better society, many professionals are working hard to document and share knowledge gained through research, practice, and teaching of service design. Therefore there is a growing abundance of books and research papers available to study, which in turn fuel the growth of service designs relevance and reach.

First, students will deepen their understanding of service design by participating in exercises set by the lecturers. Next, two external lecturers will join us and share their insights and experiences as both researchers and practitioners. They will introduce a number of related topics such as: service design tools, methods, theories, examples, and discuss the gap between theory and reality. Finally, through a critical and in-depth reading of selected research papers written by experts in various areas of service design, students will embody crucial information with the use of practical learning methods. In this way, students can apply knowledge gained to advancing their personal research in any field.


Kobayashi Shigeru , James Gibson , Mizuno Daijiro , Dominick Chen

Course Plan/Overview

Dec 5 (Mon.) 1 and 2: Introduction
Dec 7 (Wed.) 2: How to conduct a case study
Dec 12 (Mon.) 1 and 2: Case study and discussion
Dec 14 (Mon.) 2: Case study and discussion
Dec 19 (Mon.) 2 and 3: Service design in academia – Mizuno Daijiro
Jan 11 (Wed.) 3 and 4: Service design in practice – Dominique Chen
Jan 16 (Mon.) 2: Reflection of the classes so far.
Jan 18 (Wed.) 2 and 3: Critical reading hands-on
Jan 19 (Thu.) 2: Choose a paper and share questions
Jan 23 (Mon.) 2: Mid-term presentation and conclusion
Final report: a summary and comments of an academic paper within a few pages.

Note: English will be the basic language of communication.

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

"Ideas Sketching" (James Gibson, Shigeru Kobayashi, Nobuya Suzuki, Kyo Akabane) BNN inc.

Stickdorn, Marc, Markus Edgar Hormess, Adam Lawrence, and Jakob Schneider. This is service design doing: applying service design thinking in the real world. " O'Reilly Media, Inc.", 2018.

Information from IAMAS