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Specialized Classes

Media Creation E (Design)

In this lecture we will deepen our knowledge from the perspectives of “visual design,” “visual literacy,” and “interaction design” in relation to design. We will delve deeper into addressing the subject of contemporary “planning” = “design” and the possibilities for development henceforth.

Visual design:
Taking specific examples that include visual identities and sign planning as a foundation, we will combine the various elements of technology, materials, and methods together from the perspective of graphic design and explain the purpose of design. Furthermore, we will reference the history and knowledge of communication, and consider their relationship in social and cultural backdrops.

Visual literacy:
Despite learning reading and writing literacy skills with regards to language, why are we never taught about visual literacy? Visual literacy begins from such a question, and we will reconsider in the visual sense what should have been originally necessary like language in the course of human activities in society, and think about visual thinking. Afterwards, regarding design that is inclusive of visual thinking, there is a society to which it will be outputted. We will think about the criticisms concerning various contexts in society and design, and based on the effect that the outputted design has on society we will think about its role and responsibility.

Interaction design:
Defining design as interaction design and placing a spotlight on the relationship between humans and technology, whilst reflecting on the history up until now, we will also consider possible future developments. On a needs basis we will reference and discuss examples of works made in the past such as interactive artworks, and new methods of design such as critical design, and speculative design.

Course Format

Lectures and discussions

Course Plan / Overview

Class 1: Overall explanation of the course
Class 2 + 3: Visual design I (Segawa)
Class 4 + 5: Visual design II (Segawa)
Class 6 + 7: Visual literacy I (Suzuki)
Class 8 + 9: Visual literacy II (Suzuki)
Class 10 + 11: Interaction design I (Akabane)
Class 12 + 13: Interaction design II (Akabane)
Class 14 + 15: Summary and reflection

Textbooks / Reference Materials

A Primer of Visual Literacy(The MIT Press)、Donis A Dondis(著)
“Visual Thinking” by Rudolf Arnheim
Experiences in Visual Thinking、Robert H. McKim(著)
Visual Thinking Strategies: Using Art to Deepen Learning Across School Disciplines, Philip Yenawine
“Digital Design Theory” by Helen Armstrong
“User Friendly - How the Hidden Rules of Design are Changing the Way We Live, Work and Play” by Cliff Kuang and Robert Fabricant
遙かなる他者のためのデザイン ─久保田晃弘の思索と実装、久保田晃弘(著)

Specialized Classes Media Creation D (Visual Arts)
Production Seminar Classes Production Technique Foundations