Media Creation E (Design×Body・Environment)

The environment that surrounds us is strongly influenced by technological progress. It even exerts its influence on our bodies, not to mention the singularity. The key concept of this class is the evolution of computing and how it has changed the ways we communicate. We will also get a general outline of different kinds of interaction design – in a broad sense – from engineering design to speculative design. We will also consider how our bodies and the environment will change due to the influence of two fields that can be considered different extremes of interaction design: bio-art and positive computing (wellbeing).


Akabane Kyo , Hirabayashi Masami , Fukuhara Shiho , Ando Hideyuki

Course Format

Lectures and in-class discussions

Course Plan/Overview

Session 1 and 2 – Class introduction, lecture on communication systems

Session 3 – Discussion about communication systems

Session 4 – Interaction design overview

Session 5 – Interaction and interactivity in art and design

Session 6 – Discussion, and looking and speculative design from design history

Sessions 7 and 8 – Lecture and discussion on bio-art (Shiho Fukuhara)

Sessions 9 and 10 – The history of computing

Sessions 11 and 12 – Positive computing lecture and discussion (Hideyuki Ando)

Sessions 13 – Reflection and discusion

Sessions 14, 15 and 16 – Presentation, discussion (Shiho Fukuhara and Hideyuki Ando)

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