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Akabane Kyo
Director of the RCIC, Professor

Akabane Kyo

Focusing on interaction design, Akabane researches creations made using technology. He develops workshops that deal with media creation, and is researching archive methods for sharing the content of those workshops. His main activities are “Pina” (Ag Ltd.), “ex-Workshop”(Agency for Cultural Affairs Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Art Creators) and “Spatiotemporal archive for interactive art that uses 3D scanning technology” (Grant-in-Aid for challenging Exploratory Research).

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Teaching program

Master’s program , Doctoral Program

Research Field

  • Interaction Design
  • Media Creation

Academic Degree

  • Master of Arts (Royal College of Art)


- 1996.03
Tokyo Zokei University Design Department
- 1998.03
International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences Art and Media Lab
- 2001.07
Royal College of Art Computer Related Design


2002.04 - 2007.03
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Assistant
2007.04 - 2014.03
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Lecturer