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Production Seminar Classes

Production Seminar C (Visual Arts) 

We will address the various mediums and expression forms that categorize visual arts and grounded in each of their characteristics we will draw out the possibilities that lay dormant in them, and practically explore what sorts of expressions are possible.
The introduction of examples of each professor’s works, and the creation and experimentation of the underlying expression form will be held. Each characteristic will be grasped practically, and we will consider in what ways nature and expression can be combined together.

Course Format

Lectures, creation workshops, discussions

Course Plan / Overview
  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: Form 1 (material processing)
  • Week 3: Form 1 (material processing)
  • Week 4: Form 2 (shooting, editing, screening)
  • Week 5: Form 2 (shooting, editing, screening)
  • Week 6: Form 3 (optical insturments)
  • Week 7: Form 3 (optical insturments)
  • Week 8: Reflection 
Textbooks / Reference Materials

Will be introduced in class as necessary.

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