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Production Seminar Classes

Production Seminar B (Technique)

In our everyday lives, rather than having come to receive the conveniences of technology, we have become deeply involved to the point where they are having an effect even on the way we move. We will address one such technology, and through lectures and hands-on experiences you will learn those characteristics.
In this course, the first half will be centered around lectures and hands-on experiences to learn about the interior of those technologies. However, in the second half you will take the contents you have learned in the first half and use them to design your own ideas, and each individual will use those technologies to create a prototype. At the very end of the course you will present the results of your prototyping and you will search for answers pertaining to the future of that technology from now on.
The specific tasks and technologies will be explained during the course of the lectures.

Course Format

Lectures and workshops

Course Plan / Overview
  1. Overview of the course and lecture 1
  2. Preparation of the environment and hands-on experience 1
  3. Lecture 2
  4. Hands-on experience 2
  5. Presentation about each individuals ideas (includes a Q&A of the contents)
  6. Creation of a prototype
  7. Presentation of each individuals prototype
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