Media Creation B (Creation×Body・Environment)

In the 1990’s an artform came onto the scene that was called “Media Art.”  This (arigata) can be taken as a movement to deviate from existing frames. Not simply a way of updating information technology, spanning different fields, and connecting new and old media using unprecentended methods. Creating new media, and that sort of thing, that’s the movement. It has become necessary to consider once again the possibilities and significance of media creation now that we are the distinction between the ordinary/extraordinary and the borders between countries are being erased, a reliance on spectacular events and excesses facilitated by media. Communication exemplified by social media, natural disasters, environmental/energy problems. This may also help us reconsider how humanity relates to the world. Each session, each instructor will give examples from their perspectives in live with the session’s theme, put forward and analyze problems. By creating opportunities for the instructors to discuss the issues, they will share issues and inspire one another.

Course Format


Course Plan/Overview

Session 1 (12/3 all instructors) Opening

Session 2 (12/8 Maebayashi) Media and perception

Session 3 (12/9 Kobayashi) Media and Body Theory

Session 4 (12/10 Akamatsu) Historical changes in mobility

Session 5 (12/15 Maebayashi) Technology that creates sensation

Session 6 (12/16 Kobayashi) AI Body Theory

Session 7 (12/17 Akamatsu) Social strategies of mobility

Session 8 (1/12 Maebayashi) Place/ Sensation/ Media (1)

Session 9 (1/13 Kobayashi) Media Spirit Possession

Session 19 (1/14 Akamatsu) Cognitive changes in reality

Session 11 (1/19 Maebayashi) Place/ Sensation/ Media (2)

Session 12 (1/20 Kobayashi) The Philosophy of Avatars

Session 13 (1/21 Akamatsu)  The Rotation of Corporeal Reality

Session 14-15 (1/27 all instructors) Ending

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