Media Creation A (Creation×Information・Media)

In this class, we deepen our understanding of creative expressions like music, video, and poetry while combining the perspectives of various creators. First, we will look at the history of film and interview and analyze recent trends in video art. Then, we will consider the significance of music in media society, focusing on computer music and algorithmic composition. Additionally, we will connect this with artistic trends based on poetry, the foundation of art, and we will consider how to design concepts that are instrumental in creating artwork. The instructors from different fields will lead the class together and engage in discussion.

Course Plan/Overview

Session 1 Contemporary media art 1

Session 2 Early film – video and sound

Session 3 Experimental film・Animation・Video art

Session 4 Expanding screens and live creation

Session 5 Photography and contemporary film

Session 6 Technology and the voice I – sounds waves and algorithms, computer music

Session 7 Technology and the voice II – The formant brothers: media studies

Session 8 Trying out the Mararisama

Session 9 What is Reverse Simulation Music?

Session 10 Poetry as a blueprint

Session 11 Intermedia poetry

Session 12 Poetry and music

Session 13 Poetry and video media

Session 14 Contemporary media art 2

Session 15 Contemporary media art 3

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

To be distributed in class as necessary

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