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Kobayashi Shigeru

Kobayashi Shigeru

Ph.D. in Media Design (Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University). Author of “Prototyping Lab 2nd Edition,” co-author of “Idea Sketch,” and supervisor of the translated book “Design Meets Disability.” He believes that technology, such as artificial intelligence, is not a neutral tool, an inevitable and deterministic force, but something we can interpret flexibly. He is exploring methods to enable diverse people to engage in discussions regarding technology with a hands-on approach. He has been the General Director of the biennial maker movement festival “Ogaki Mini Maker Faire” held in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, since 2014.

Teaching program

Master’s program , Doctoral Program

Research Field

  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Innovation Management
  • Physical Computing

Academic Degree

  • Ph.D. (Media Design) (Keio University Graduate School of Media Design)


1989.04 - 1993.03
Hiroshima University Integrated Science Department Integrated Science
2009.09 - 2012.08
Keio university Graduate School of Media Design Media Design Course,Coursework completed without degree


1993.04 - 2004.06