Media Creation F (Design×Science・Society)

The development and spread of computer and other information-related technologies, the internet and other means of communication, and various services have diversified the forms of media communication and community. Contrary to the expectation that the internet, which appeared in the second half of the 20th century, would expand the entire public sphere, on the contrary, it has brought about the breakdown and division of the public sphere. The filtering of the internet has led to the loss of dialogue with heterogeneous others and has encouraged extreme dichotomization. Furthermore, at the end of 2019, the world was plunged into a crisis situation due to the coronavirus, fundamentally overturning the way we have thought about society and communication. In the 21st century, it is an urgent task to build a different social system and communication system not only for humanity but also for the earth. In this class, we will review the existing systems and forms of communication, and consider what needs to be done and what needs to be changed to build a better society. 


Kanayama Tomoko , Yoshida Shigeki , Suzuki Nobuya , Sekiguchi Atsuhito

Course Format

Lecture, discussion, group work, etc.

Course Plan/Overview

1-3. Class Explanation + Media and Society 

We will go over an overview of the class, basic ideas about media, and an overview of the relationship between media and society, or between the individual and media.

4-5. Infrastructure and Society 

We will go over an overview of the basic structure and evolution of modern infrastructure, starting with the internet, and its impact on society. As well as providing a foundation for thinking about the relationship between media, communication, and society. 

6-7. Communication and Society

We will think about and discuss communication technology and the transformation of communication and consider the future of communication and its relationship to society.

8-10. A Case Study Exploring the Relationship Between Media Technology and Society Through Art. 

We will discuss how art and creation can be involved in social systems through case studies. 

11-14. Media Technology and the Future

We will discuss the structure of social systems and communication, and consider the future impact of these systems.

15. Class Summary

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

To be distributed in class as necessary

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