General Studies A (The History of Media Technology)

We will think comprehensively about practice, analytical analysis, historical consciousness, and creative literacy based on media creation. In the latter half of the 20th century, media art matured out of the relationship between modern art and social infrastructure. This caused a new values system to permeate our daily lives and a reorganization of academic fields.


In this class, students will gain an historical perspective connected with modern media technology, an understanding of media and representative culture theory, and current research trends related to digital creative media.


Matsui Shigeru , Tateishi Shoko , Kadobayashi Takeshi

Course Format

Lecture, discussion

Course Plan/Overview

October 2 (Friday) Period 3 

・Matsui: Guidance

October 9 (Friday) Period 3, 4

・Matsui (Guest: Yutaka Iida): What is media archaeology?

October 19 (Monday) Period 3, 4

・Kadobayashi: Becoming an artist: Mcluhan – Understanding media

October 26 (Monday) Period 3, 4

・Tateishi: Public Viewing – Reinventing Media Events

November 6 (Friday) Period 3, 4

・Kadobayashi: Postmedia in contemporary art

November 13 (Friday) Period 3, 4

・Matsui (Guest: Yutaka Iida): Television archaeology

November 24 (Tuesday) Period 3, 4

・Tateishi: Anti-establishment media events

November 30 (Monday) Period 3, 4

・Matsui: Arata Isozaki – Computer aided city

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