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General Studies Classes

General Studies 1 (General Overview) ・ 2 (Development) ・ 3 (Detailed Discussion)

In General Studies 1, we will display a sketch map from three points of view: art theory, technology and media. If media art were a crossing point for art and technology, then technology is not a tool or method for artistic expressions. By learning different perspectives to consider technology as a “medium” of art, it will be possible to create rich interpretations to overcome certain obstructive situations and problems that media art is currently facing. Technology is being rapidly fine tuned and being treated as if it were autonomously and deterministically a “black box.” To overcome this impasse, and investigate future media expressions which confront AI, it is necessary if anything to understand the origins of artistic expression, and to see the connection between art and media from a birds eye view over the span of human history. In General Studies 1, due to this reasoning we will display a sketch map looking at the three perspectives of art theory, technology and media. In General Studies 2, we will expand based off of the sketch map displayed in General Studies 1. General Studies 3 will be based on the lectures taken up until now and we will attempt to connect it to research which is deepened by technical discussions from a comprehensive perspective.

Course Format

Lectures, discussions, reports, etc.

Course Plan / Overview

General Studies 1
Class 1 (June 3rd, Okubo): The origins of art
Class 2 (June 10th, Okubo): Artistic works
Class 3 (June 17th, Shigeru Kobayashi): The short history and position of technology
Class 4 (June 24th, Shigeru Kobayashi): Computing paradigms
Class 5 (July 1st, Shigeru Kobayashi): Cybernetic paradigms
Class 6 (July 8th, Okubo): Media theory and the origins of media art
Class 7 (July 22nd, Tateishi): The various aspects of media theory
Class 8 (July 29th, all professors): Presentation and discussion

General Studies 2
Class 1 (September 20th, Kan + Okubo): The body and art
Class 2 (September 27th, Castro): Life and art
Class 3 (September 30th, Matsui): Media event theory
Class 4 (October 7th, Shigeru Kobayashi): AI
Class 5 (October 21st, Hirai): Life and time
Class 6 (November 18th, Kanayama): Media and care
Class 7 (November 25th, Kan + Matsui): Gender theory as an analytical theory
Class 8 (November 29th, all professors): Presentation and discussion

General Studies 3
Class 1 (December 2nd, Akamatsu): Alternative media technical theory
Class 2 (December 9th, Harashima): Neo-cybernetics and technological variation
Class 3 (December 16th, Maebayashi): Cultural anthropology and art
Class 4 (January 17th, Okubo): Ecology and art
Class 5 (January 20th, Shigeru Kobayashi): Activism
Class 6 (January 24th, Okubo): “Private” and “public” art
Class 7 (January 31st, Matsui): From relaying to streaming
Class 8 (February 7th, all professors): Presentation and discussion

Introductory Classes Media Creation Foundations 4 (Planning)
Specialized Classes Media Creation A (Environment)