General Studies A (The History of Media Technology)

The development of modern art and media technology in the 20th century has infused new values into our daily lives and reorganized the academic fields. The goal of this class is to help students to gain a historical perspective of media technology and to understand the point of contact between media theory and the representational culture of theory. In this course, we will comprehensively consider the historical consciousness, analytical theory, and the practices that form the basis for production and research in media creation.


Iida Yutaka , Kadobayashi Takeshi , Tateishi Shoko , Kanayama Tomoko , Akamatsu Masayuki , Matsui Shigeru

Course Format

Lecture, discussion

Course Plan/Overview

10/3(Monday)periods 3、4
Iida: History of Television

10/24(Monday)Periods 3、4
Iida: History of Alternative Media

11/4(Friday)Periods 3、4
Akamatsu: Theory of Alternative Media

11/8(Tuesday)Periods 3、4
Kadobayashi: The Position of Post Media in Contemporary Art

11/18(Friday)Periods 3、4
Kanayama: Care Communication and Me

11/21(Monday)Periods 3、4
Tateishi: Media Events as Research Recipients

11/28(Monday)Periods 3、4
Tateishi: Media Events as Research Senders

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