Foundations of Media Creation 4 : Creation and Description

Information Technology is dramatically evolving with all sorts of technologies and services in tow. As this technology increases in importance, it is rapidly becoming more and more ubiquitous, even as people’s interaction with it becomes less and less conscious. For example, on hand hand, AI – one such practical technology – has managed to defeat humankind’s top Go players, while on the other, voice assistants have become services that people can encounter everywhere in their daily lives. In this class, we will touch upon information technology and bring it within reach as we reaffirm its importance. We will not only study this technology, but create things with it based on class assignments; also, we will consider, write about, and explain it.

Course Format

Hands-on learning, reports, etc.

Course Plan/Overview

  • Introduction
  • Structure
  • Production
  • Writing
  • Presentation

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

To be indicated and distributed as necessary.

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