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Project Research Course

Project Research Ⅱ

Using this course as a place of social practice, it is designed for students to conduct practical research on their own research topics in order to create a doctoral dissertation. As a central subject that will lead to the expansion and systemization of new forms of creation, the class facilitates practice on projects that are based on the connection with society. Students will conduct their research and education through mutual collaboration, exchange, and dissemination in an open environment. To ensure effective theorizing and systematizing from an interdisciplinary perspective, a team of faculty members with different individual specialties will provide guidance. The goal of the class is to acquire interdisciplinary and practical skills through project execution and discussion, including summarizing the results of and carrying out the project.

Course Plan / Overview

Class 1-14: Project advancement and progress report
Class 15: Research Report Meeting (submitting reports)
See “Project ResearchⅠ” for research topics of academic advisors.

Textbooks / Reference Materials

Materials needed for this class will be introduced as needed.

Project Research Course Project Research Ⅰ
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