Media Creation Foundations 4 (Creation and Description)

Since the year before last, the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection has changed our lives dramatically. Fortunately for us at IAMAS, due to the production of information systems, particularly the use of online meeting systems, we have been able to continue educational activities. Based on this experience with activities through the use of online tools, and knowing their advantages and disadvantages, we will try to envision the world ahead. Particularly as of late, various technologies that integrate the real and virtual worlds are opening up a wide range of possibilities.

The purpose of this course is to touch on one aspect of such information technology and to bring it within reach while reaffirming its importance. Students will not only learn techniques but will also create works based on problems, as well as think about, describe and explain them.


Course Format

Seminar, report, etc.

Course Plan/Overview

・Introduction (14 Classes: presentation of issues, presentation of related technologies and topics)
・Planning (4 Classes: planning and discussion of issues)
・Creation (4 Classes: implementation of prototypes and inspection)
・Description (4 Classes: summary of your planning and implementation and preparing for presentations)
・Presentation (4 Classes: presentations and feedback)

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

This will be distributed as necessary.

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