IAMAS 2004

August 2004
Accordion book with cover
128mm × 300mm

Upon opening this string-bound case, you will find a DVD and an accordion catalogue that, when unfolded, stretches six meters long. The catalogue takes advantage of this format by displaying images of student video projects lined up as in a film sequence, and by dedicating an entire page to each of the other projects. This makes for an arrangement that is easy to view. The catalog’s shape allows the reader to enjoy it in multiple ways: flipping through it like a regular book, or laying it open for a bird’s-eye view of all the projects. The exhibition venue map and other information is incorporated into the case itself, which makes for a catalog jam-packed with material.

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  • IAMAS 2004イメージ
  • IAMAS 2004イメージ
  • IAMAS 2004イメージ
  • IAMAS 2004イメージ

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