IAMAS 2007

July 2007
Adhesive binding
182mm × 217mm

The first thing you might notice about this catalogue is its lack of a cover. The front and back covers have been torn off, leaving only the spine, to create a feeling of incompleteness. This is as if to say, “even though these students have graduated, this is not the end for them.” Each catalogue’s covers were torn one by one, so no two copies are exactly alike. The catalogue is made of rough paper like that of a magazine, which prevents a stiff, formal feel. Unhindered by such casualness, this catalogue is even now a vivid depiction of IAMAS in 2007.

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  • IAMAS 2007イメージ
  • IAMAS 2007イメージ
  • IAMAS 2007イメージ

List of Graduation Catalogue