IAMAS 2005

August 2005
Boxed Perfect Binding
149mm × 198mm
DVD, Annual, IAMAS school song, IAMAS logo sticker, IAMAS papercraft

The 2005 catalogue came in a box along with a bundle of extra supplements, and gave those who got their hands on it a reflexive sense of excitement and anticipation at what might be inside. Unique illustrations created for that year’s graduate exhibition can be found peppered throughout, and there is an abundance of colorful pages, though the catalogue itself is organized in a simple manner. The exhibition DVD, the annual, papercraft models, the score of the school song, and an IAMAS logo sticker are all also enclosed, lending even more color to the whole affair and creating a wonderful catalogue of everything IAMAS.

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  • IAMAS 2005イメージ
  • IAMAS 2005イメージ
  • IAMAS 2005イメージ

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