IAMAS 2017

June 2017
Adhesive binding
210mm × 236mm

President's Greeting, About IAMAS, Master's Research, Project Research, Event Outline

The front cover is trimmed with a section of the exhibitionʼs main visual. There are 10 different color variations so that the catalogue can be issued again later with the same format. It is designed with a certain amount of flexibility so that, in addition to considering the consistent grid-layout, each page would not look monotonous. And, to deal with the possibility of
viewing the catalogue on HD displays, we arrange the ratio to be 16:9 to fit the size of two-page spread.


Table of contents


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  • IAMAS 2017イメージ
  • IAMAS 2017イメージ
  • IAMAS 2017イメージ

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