IAMAS 2012

March 2012
Adhesive binding
210mm × 236mm

President's Greeting, About IAMAS, Works Introduction, Master’s Theses, Review and Archive, IAMAS 2012 Exhibition Outline

The front cover features a trimming from the exhibition’s thematic visual. In 2012, ten color variations were prepared so that the same format may be used in the future. Inside the catalogue, color-coded keywords are located below the page numbers to indicate the genre of each work. Each page’s layout is a consistent grid, but is arranged to flexibly accommodate picture content and to avoid monotony. Anticipating that the catalogue will be viewed digitally on an HD monitor, the formatting is such that when two pages are viewed at a time, they are displayed in a 16-9 ratio.

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  • IAMAS 2012イメージ
  • IAMAS 2012イメージ
  • IAMAS 2012イメージ

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