Foundations of Media Creation 2 : Create and Exhibit

In this class, students will consider how to connect creative expression with media technology by creating a video installation as part of a group. Each group will discuss the creative significance of the projection methods used in the past, use what they discover about that relationship to envision new works; and, finally, create something. Under the guidance of the course’s experienced lecturers, students will intensively study media art’s basic techniques and knowledge - different ways to understand the exhibition space, the technological and technical aspects of setting up an exhibition, etc. - from multiple perspectives. At the end of the course, we will hold a presentation and class critique of students’ exhibited work, developing the students’ artistic perspectives and providing them an opportunity to receive feedback.

Course Format


Course Plan/Overview

Day 1
(class 1) – Introduction, lecture
(class 2 – 4) – Projector set-up workshop
Day 2
(class 5 – 6) – Project planning, plan presentations
(class 7 – 8) – Create project prototype, review
Day 3
(class 9 – 12) – Create project, review
Day 4
(class 13 – 14) – Create project
(class 15) – presentation, evaluation

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