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We post information about past work and past activities created at our school. This is a record of IAMAS exhibitions and events such as final research presentations and graduate work exhibitions.

Final Research Presentations and Graduate Work Exhibition

The final research presentations and graduate work exhibition is an important occasion for present the fruits of our studies at IAMAS. Students run the planning committee and set-up and manage the event. We plan talk events, welcome parties, and other functions.

Special Events

One every number of years, we hold exhibitions to introduce the education and research that make up IAMAS' foundations. In 2004, we held such an exhibit at the "Ars Electronica 2004 Campus Exhibition" in Linz, Austria. After that, we held "Ima kara da - IAMAS in Tokyo" (Tokyo 2007), "SOURCE OF LIFE - IAMAS in Tokyo" (Yokohama 2006), "Branching Out - IAMAS in Nagoya" (Nagoya 2011) to a favorable reception. For the 20th anniversary of IAMAS' founding, we held "Calculated Imagination: IAMAS ga Hasshin suru Media Art Ten" (Tokyo 2017).


We have held exhibitions and events in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu. In the past, we have held Masahiro Miwa's "Reverse Simulation Music no Sekai" (2013), Shinjiro Maeda and Showa Saito's "Kiroku to Koui / Eizou Hyougen no Genzai-kei" (2014), BEACON's "LOOK UP! Miagetetegoran" (2015), ALIMO and Arisa Wakami's "Kaku・Ugoku / Geijutsu to Animation" (2017), Maebayashi Akitsugu's "Basho wo Tsukuru Tabi" (2017), Kuwakubo ryota and Aida daiya’s “Look At, Look Into, Look back”(2018), Kimura Noriyuki, Hagihara Kenichi and Horii Satoshi’s “videō body & information”(2020), and Fukushima Satoshi’s “Notation, and the time breathes”(2022).

Ogaki Mini Maker Faire

The "Maker Faire" is an festival in which makers active in fields like electronics, robots, crafts, electric musical instruments, science ptojects, recycling and upcycling gather from all over the country to show, talk about, and share the fun of the things that they have made. "Mini Maker Faire" is the local version of that. Since it was first held in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture in 2010; it has been held every other year.

Gifu Ogaki Biennalle

Gifu Ogaki Bienalle is a media art festival centered around Ogaki City. The event is sponsored by Gifu Prefecture, Ogaki City, and IAMAS, and is planned and managed by IAMAS. The Bienalle was held for the first time in February 2004, for the second time in October 2006, for the third time in September 2008, for the fourth time in September 2010, for the fifth time in September 2013, and for the sixth time in December 2015.


The Interaction Exhibition was a media art exhibit to which exemplary media artists from all over the world were invited. Started before the opening of IAMAS in 1996, in was held four times from 1995 to 2001 in a Bienalle format.

Awards and Honors

Every year, IAMAS students and faculty earn awards and honors in all types of fields; and, in recent years, the activities of our graduates have been garnering more and more attention.